Hipnosis Belly Jam: July 12, 2008

The ever-popular and exciting Hipnosis Belly Jam, featuring lots of incredible and unique dance performances and special guest performers Unmata.

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Hipnosis Starts the Show!Vikki, Jenna, and Shelly Show Some Shimmy

Hostesses Hipnosis Kick Off the Evening with Some Super Shimmies.

Leilani Flows Like the Ocean BlueLeilani's Final Pose

Leilani Flows Like the Ocean in Blue....

Crystal Kini Performs with Daughters of the HipDarlene Shows Tribal StyleCrystal Kini Shimmies

Crystal Kini Jams while Darlene Shows Tribal Style during Daughters of the Hip's performance.

What Lola Wants, Lola Gets...Tapestry Tribal Balances SwordsBelladonna Loves Sword Play

Tempest Vamps it Up. Tapestry Tribal and Belladonna of Romka Play with Swords.

Special Guests Unmata Rest? During Their PerformanceUnmata in ActionUnmata and Jazz Hands?

Unmata, the evening's special guests, gave a unique, creative, and energetic performance to unique musical tracks.

Crystal Kini and Lily Enjoy the ShowToni Poses with Amy of UnmataToni's Daughter Kelly Poses with Amy of Unmata

Crystal and Lily Enjoy the Show. Toni and Her Daughter Pose with the Evening's Special Guest, Amy Sigil of Unmata.

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