Return of the Oasis (AKA Toni's Hafla): Sept. 29, 2007

What a great time we had at the 2nd annual party hosted by Toni and her mom Janet of Devi'Ance in Janet's lovely backyard in Burlington, NJ. Click an image to view a larger slideshow (use arrows at left and right edges of slideshow images to navigate).

Four Ladies of Devi'Ance PerformMother and Daughter Get their Shimmy On 3 Generations in Harmonious Motion

Devi'Ance Performs,Including 3 Generations: Mom Janet, Daughter Toni, and Granddaughter

Crystal Watches the Performers from Her Shop AreaCrystal Puts Her Belly in MotionCrystal and CJ Follow Jendayi's Lead

Crystal Kini Watches the Action from her Shop Area, Then Joins in with CJ and Jendayi

Jendayi-Armed!Jaz Snakes and ShakesWho Has More Serpentine Moves?

Jendayi Jams and Jaz Performs with a Slippery New Friend

Devi'Ance Performs at NightDevi'Ance Poses with Ak-Ana

The Ladies of Devi'Ance Wrap Up the Night-time Show

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