Hipnosis Belly Jam: November 14, 2009

It's been awhile since we updated the Gallery, but we're back with great pictures from the latest Hipnosis Belly Jam. As always, there were lots of great dancers (many with a Latin musical twist this time). Lovely Belladonna and Asharah from the DC area were the amazing featured performers.

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Fantastic FloorworkBelladonna Balances a Blade

Bellydancers get down! Fancy floorwork with a deep backbend and Belladonna Bladework.

Rag Tag TribalSpinning Veils Swirl with Color

Things get colorful with Rag Tag Tribal (left) and swirling veils.

Luna Muse: A Close-Knit GroupLuna Muse in Action

The ladies of Luna Muse put on a show to a Latin beat.

Belladonna Best Foot ForwardBelladonna in MotionBelladonna Bends

Belladonna, the Queen of Swords.

Great COstume, Great DancingJenna's New Student TroupeSharon Spins

More Great Performances

Tribal Spirit DancesCrystal Kini Dread Falls

Hipnosis' Student Troupe Tribal Spirit Dances. Denise's Dread Falls (right), courtesy of Crystal Kini, are a perfect match for her skirt .

Asharah Bellys UpAsharah in MotionMore Asharah

DC-Area modern tribal bellydancer Asharah shows her incredible belly gyrations to close the show.

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